Or like literally any phoenix.

In a Grantland.com article about how the Indians were built:

The 2011 Indians are like Fawkes, the phoenix of Harry Potter fame — they’ve sprung back to life from the ashes of their previous incarnation.


The rest of the article is interesting, if a bit depressing:

The Indians’ performance in the draft has been every bit as bad as their trade record has been sterling. In 1998, the Indians selected Sabathia with their first pick. Cleveland hasn’t signed an above-average draft pick since.

Quick: Who are Will Hartley, Corey Smith, Dan Denham, Jeremy Guthrie, Michael Aubrey, Jeremy Sowers, Trevor Crowe, David Huff, and Beau Mills? They are the Indians’ first picks in every draft from 1999 to 2007. If you recognized them, you must be a Tribe fan. Also, you need to put down the Xanax.

The best player in that crop was Guthrie and Luke Scott, who was 28 by the time he established himself in the majors.. By then, the Indians had long given up on them. For nearly a decade, the Indians have received hardly any help from their farm system. When you look at the franchise from that perspective, it’s no wonder they had to hustle on the trade market to survive. What is a wonder is that they’ve been so competitive.

As the author goes on to note, things look to be changing on the draft front with Alex White, Lonnie Chisenhall and Jason Kipnis progressing quite nicely through the Tribe’s system.

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