Thanks For Making Ryan Hollins Try Hard That One Time

also for Kyrie Irving:

 It’s unclear when or even if Baron Davis plays again this season, but it definitely won’t be as a member of the Cavaliers.

The club released the 32-year-old point guard Wednesday night through the amnesty clause, allowing it to clear $28 million of salary cap space over the next two seasons and put the offense in the hands of rookie Kyrie Irving. The Cavaliers must still pay the sum to Davis, who likely is headed to free agency with a bulging disc in his back.

The move places the Cavaliers roughly $7 million under the $58 million salary cap — assuming they don’t use a trade exception set to expire on Friday. That savings could become significant at the trade deadline, rumored to be March 15.

Expected move is expected.

Not gonna lie, I’m kinda sorta sad to see Davis let go. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the move and hell, I even agree with it. But I like the Cavs and I like watching Baron Davis play basketball. Watching Baron Davis is fun. I enjoy it. But this year’s Cavs need to stink. Davis was too good, too expensive and he plays the same position as #1 overall pick Kyrie Irving. This isn’t the team for Baron Davis, pure and simple.

The only argument I could see for keeping him around was that he at least knows Byron Scott’s offense. With the Cavs having a seven day training camp followed by just two preseason games, the offensive learning curve is going to be pretty steep. It would’ve been nice to have a veteran PG with knowledge of the offense, but all that was moot once it was obvious Davis was going to miss significant time.

So Davis is gone, but Anthony Parker remains. Sweet.

For what it’s worth, with Davis gone, I still don’t think Kyrie Irving opens the season in the starting lineup. I’m betting we’ll see a opening night starting five of Ramon Sessions-AP-Omri Casspi-Antawn Jamison-Anderson Varejao. This will be Irving’s team soon enough, I just doubt Coach Scott gives him the keys right away.

I’ll miss Davis. For how often we focus bad Cleveland trades (Rocky Colavito, Ron Harper, Brian Giles…), Davis was one the town’s best acquisitions. Mo Williams and Jamario Moon for Baron Davis and Kyrie Irving. Not bad.

Plus, he gave us this:

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