Random Thoughts on Browns draft and Cavs season

– The Cleveland Browns have a new starting running back and quarterback.  I’m cool with this. I wanted Claiborne, the corner from LSU (I liked the idea of stacking the defense) but I can’t fault them with upgrading their shitty offense.

– The Browns, in classic Cleveland Browns fashion, traded up one spot to draft Trent Richardson at No. 3 overall. Unlike Butch Davis, who gave up a 2nd to move up a spot to draft Kellen Winslow, Holmgren only gave up a 4th, 5th and 7th to get Richardson.

– I get the arguments against Richardson: you don’t take a runningback that high, you can always find one later, by the time the Browns are actually good he’ll be on the downside of his prime, which SuperBowl teams have a top flight RB, etc.

– However, if the Browns think he’s the best guy available (ie, he’s a better RB than Justin Blackmon is a WR), then fine. I’m in. It’ll be fun to have a dynamic player in the backfield.

– At 22, the Browns took 28 year old QB Brandon Weeden. This pick is a bit dicey. Pre-draft, it seemed like the Browns could’ve gotten Weeden in the second round at 37. And taking the QB who spent some time playing minor league baseball at 37 is more palpable than at 22, I get that.

– The knock on Weeden isn’t his ability or arm strength, it’s his age. If NFL QB’s take a year or so to ‘get it’, can you really afford to wait on a guy who might not be ready until he’s 30? I mean, Weeden is a year older than Brady Quinn.

– However, if Brandon Weeden’s age actually ever becomes a factor, that means he’d have turned out to be the most successful Browns quarterback since their return in 1999.  This team seemingly has a new starter every five weeks. If this guy sticks around with the Browns and retires at 36, he’d have given them more run than any of the other schmucks brought in here.

– And if you don’t think I’m gonna love all “Brandon Weeden is old” jokes and all the pot puns you can make with his name (“I’m high on Weeden!”) then you’re kidding yourself.

– Adios, Colt. It’s been real.

– I’m so happy I didn’t read a single NFL mock draft. Sure, I’m interested to see which analyst has the Browns picking what player, but I just can’t bring myself to care. There were a boatload of trades during Thursday’s first round, making nearly every mock from the past four months a complete waste of time.

– I still prefer the NFL draft to be Saturday and Sunday. Thursday night prime time is fun and all, but this isn’t exactly exciting television. I don’t care about most of the picks, just the Cleveland’s and the teams drafting around the Browns. That’s it. The draft is perfect lazy Saturday viewing.

– I have to say, I couldn’t be more pleased with the Cavaliers’ season. Kyrie Irving looks like a stud, Tristan Thompson looks like… something that could be useful, the team showed flashes of competitiveness (beating OKC, Boston and Denver) and they should still end up with a Top 5 draft pick (and a 15% shot at Anthony Davis!). Not much more you could ask.

– If the Cavs were healthy for the entire season, they’re a .500 team. Varejao and Kyrie (and Antawn Jamison’s offense) are too good for a team to be really bad. Somewhat fortunately, Varejao’s injury (and Antawn Jamison’s defense) opened the door for their second half slide and now they’re in a great position for the future (two firsts and two seconds this year, two firsts next year).

– I won’t miss Jamison at all, but the Cavs might. I got sick of watching him but the Cavs have no one else who is a legit NBA scorer. Sure, Jamison is full of bad habits and his defense drives me nuts, but he was the only guy who could drop 30 in a game and you wouldn’t be surprised. If Alonzo Gee or Tristan dropped 25+ I’d crap myself with joy.

– Scoring or no, the Cavs need veterans who aren’t only good locker room guys (which, by all accounts includes both Jamison and Anthony Parker) but also guys with good winning habits. I agree that you need locker room guys to set a tone, but your Veteran Leaders can’t all be former Raptors and Wizards. You need guys who have been through the playoff wars and know how to win. While I think Luke Walton is washed up, at least he’s out there making the correct pass at the correct time. All of those little things matter.

– Not that this should surprise anyone, but the NBA playoffs are my favorite postseason. I love the early rounds where there are games every night for about a month. I love when the series goes deep and teams start to hate each other. When players end up knowing the other guy’s moves and then they’re just playing ball. Love it.

– That being said, I can’t wait til I know where the Cavs are actually drafting. I’m pumped for these playoffs, but I’m a Cavs fan first. I need to know where they’re picking. Badly.

– I highly suggest you read this Jason Whitlock column on the NBA Union fight between Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter. Good shit.

– Finally, if you aren’t watching Game of Thrones (or downloading it illegally), I can’t recommend it enough. This came across my Facebook feed (and trust me, you can’t imagine how the librarian in me hates sourcing it like that) and I just thought it was brilliant. [click to embiggen]

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1 Response to Random Thoughts on Browns draft and Cavs season

  1. Nick says:

    I like the Richardson pick, I’m not fine with the trade up to take him, even if the rumors were true and someone was gonna trade up with Minnesota to pick up Richardson, there were still plenty of holes to fill on our squad or moves to make with other teams for valuable players on the board. I hate Weeden at 22, i doubt he would have gone before our 37th overall pick (yes the jokes are funny Ben), but, is Colt really gone?? do we have another controversy?? more quarterback competition?? still no quality receiver to throw the ball to? awesome…..

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