Final Draft Thoughts

I participated in the WFNY Cavs draft round table, so you should go check that out.

think I’ve settled on Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as my choice for the Cavs. I’ve changed my mind on this roughly every 45 minutes, but I that’s where I’m at as of 5pm on the day of the draft. I wouldn’t exactly be mad if they ended up with Harrison Barnes or Bradley Beal, but I’m drawn to MKG’s crazy work ethic.

I would prefer the Cavs to not swap picks with the Bobcats. If they reall like Beal that much, then fine. Go get your guy (and I’d rather them take on salary than throw in tons of picks). But I’d much prefer them to stand pat at 4 (grab Barnes or MKG) and then use their assets (including Anderson Varejao & Dan Gilbert’s wallet) to move back into the late-lottery/mid-first round.

Ending the night with something like MKG/Lamb or Barnes/Drummond would be fairly spectacular (I’m also cool with trading back up for Austin Rivers).

But I’m probably getting my hopes up. If they just end up drafting someone like Fab Melo with the 24th pick, I’ll be mildly shocked. The Cavs have been rumored in so many deals that I’ve just assumed that their second first round pick gets packaged in a trade (and I hope Chris Grant’s front office is leaky on purpose).

The Cavs could really set themselves up for the long haul tonight. They could find one, if not two, starters to fit with Kyrie Irving. Let’s hope Chris Grant knows what he’s doing.

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2 Responses to Final Draft Thoughts

  1. Doug says:

    Good summary Ben, I have pretty similar thoughts on the draft.
    My absolute dream scenario tonight:

    4. MKG
    7. Waiters (Andy/24 for 7)
    33. Fournier
    34. Ezeli or O’Quinn

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