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Give thanks

(Note: If you feel like you’ve read this before, you did. Last year. I cleaned some things up and moved some stuff around, but the post itself is mostly unchanged.) While it hasn’t always been the case, Thanksgiving is my … Continue reading

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A Long Post About Politics That No One Will Read

I have an opinion about the election! This post has been brewing in me for awhile now. I frequently post about politics on both Twitter and Facebook, much to the chagrin of the majority of my followers and Facebook friends. … Continue reading

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Cavs win a preseason game, I actually write a post on my blog

Everyone can breath. For one night, in a preseason game, Dion Waiters looked like a player worthy to be drafted fourth overall. Waiters led the Cavs with 18 points (7-12 FG, 4-4 3PT) and Tyler Zeller added ten points and … Continue reading

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Final Draft Thoughts

I participated in the WFNY Cavs draft round table, so you should go check that out. I think I’ve settled on Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as my choice for the Cavs. I’ve changed my mind on this roughly every 45 minutes, but I that’s … Continue reading

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He didn’t ride Dwyane Wade’s coattails

If you watched and appreciated LeBron James while he played for the Cavaliers, you shouldn’t be surprised that he won this title. If the dude can drag Drew Gooden and Eric Snow to the NBA Finals, I’m pretty sure he can win … Continue reading

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Random NBA Finals Thoughts

This Thunder-Heat series has been absolutely mesmerizing and you best believe that I have an opinion on some of this. 1. Before I get started: the refs. Yes, they stunk. I think if one cared to, they could make a … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Browns draft and Cavs season

– The Cleveland Browns have a new starting running back and quarterback.  I’m cool with this. I wanted Claiborne, the corner from LSU (I liked the idea of stacking the defense) but I can’t fault them with upgrading their shitty … Continue reading

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LeBron felt the same way about Luke Jackson

I’m probably too excited, but the basketball dork in me is thrilled by this. From Tom Reed, Plain Dealer: Some high draft picks do not want to attend the NBA’s summer league after they have established themselves. Irving is not … Continue reading

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We have a different definition of ‘wise’

With a record of 15-23, the Cavs are in a virtual tie with the New York Knicks (18-24) and Milwaukee Bucks (18-24) for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race. If the Cavs were in the West, their … Continue reading

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Cavs face a playoff team, don’t get blown out

I mean, they still lost, of course. But by not-as-much! The final was 92-85. Single digits! This meeting with LeBron and the Heat felt a little different. Instead of some CLEVELAND vs LEBRON battle (that some folk just can’t get … Continue reading

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