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LeBron felt the same way about Luke Jackson

I’m probably too excited, but the basketball dork in me is thrilled by this. From Tom Reed, Plain Dealer: Some high draft picks do not want to attend the NBA’s summer league after they have established themselves. Irving is not … Continue reading

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We have a different definition of ‘wise’

With a record of 15-23, the Cavs are in a virtual tie with the New York Knicks (18-24) and Milwaukee Bucks (18-24) for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race. If the Cavs were in the West, their … Continue reading

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Cavs face a playoff team, don’t get blown out

I mean, they still lost, of course. But by not-as-much! The final was 92-85. Single digits! This meeting with LeBron and the Heat felt a little different. Instead of some CLEVELAND vs LEBRON battle (that some folk just can’t get … Continue reading

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Toronto 104, Cleveland 96

Same shit, different year. Before I get all ranty, I’ll point out that this is just one game and it’s way too early to draw any real conclusions about this team or any particular player. And yes, the Cavs losing … Continue reading

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Thanks For Making Ryan Hollins Try Hard That One Time

also for Kyrie Irving:  It’s unclear when or even if Baron Davis plays again this season, but it definitely won’t be as a member of the Cavaliers. The club released the 32-year-old point guard Wednesday night through the amnesty clause, allowing it … Continue reading

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Cavs to pursue Anthony Parker

Awesome. From Sam Amico: Sources have indicated the Cavs are likely to offer free agent Anthony Parker a two-year deal. Parker, 36, started the majority of games at shooting guard last season. “They want to keep him,” one source said. … Continue reading

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BenBlog Book Review: ‘Pass the Nuts’ by Dan Coughlin

This book is fun. Full stop. Filled with stories of Cleveland sports history, local media nuggets and a dash of drinking shenanigans, Pass the Nuts was quite simply a bunch of fun to read. The book’s subtitle is “More Stories About … Continue reading

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