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Teams that have beaten both the Celtics and the Lakers

It’s a fairly short list. Orlando Magic, record: 36-21 Dallas Mavericks, record: 39-16 Chicago Bulls, record: 37-16 Houston Rockets, record: 26-31 Phoenix Suns, record: 27-26 Charlotte Bobcats, record: 24-32 and our 10-46 Cleveland Cavaliers. I have no idea how this squad can get it’s behind … Continue reading

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Various Things

I was at a wedding on Saturday night, so forgive me if I have nothing to say about the Cavs loss to the Bulls (their 16th straight).  Well, I will say I’m intrigued by the fact that J.J. Hickson not … Continue reading

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For all your Turtlecall needs

None of you may recall that, last April, I recorded a podcast with Brian Spaeth where he told me about his new business venture, Turtlecalls (we also talked LeBron and Lost). If you actually listened to said podcast, I was on … Continue reading

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Tell me this isn’t awesome

div#main{overflow:visible;} I HIGHLY recommend this show. It’s smart, it’s beautifully animated and it’s absolutely fucking hilarious.

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