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Uninformed Draft Thoughts

My initial, gut reaction is that I like the trades that the Browns made. Moving from 6 to 21 netted them four extra picks and trading a 3rd to move up from 27 to 21 seems like a fair price … Continue reading

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So This Happened

Just checking my email, minding my own business and I come across this: Well that’s weird. Former Browns quarterback Derek Anderson was following me, Ben Cox the muttonchopped, disc golf playing, “witty, caustic” sports blogger on Twitter.  Neat. So I … Continue reading

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Well done, Mrs. Fujita

This is quite good, from the wife of the Browns linebacker: My husband could have lost his life to a staph infection. His NFL doctors and trainers were heating/icing/stemming his knee for a bursa-sac rupture and ignoring all the major … Continue reading

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You Just Have To

Rob Parker, of ESPN New York on the tackling of the Jets fan: You hate to paint an entire city with a broad brush. But in this case, you just have to. This might be the meanest, dirtiest thing to … Continue reading

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Can’t Wait for December 2nd

Not a good sign: An 8-year-old New York Jets fan was tackled by an adult Browns fan after Sunday’s game, according to a television station in Cleveland. The boy went to the game at Cleveland Browns Stadium in a Jets … Continue reading

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It wasn’t the flash

Braylon Edwards never shuts up: Former Browns receiver Braylon Edwards, who will come to town Sunday with his 6-2 Jets, got his homecoming party started early this week with the following Tweet on Monday: “And before I take off and … Continue reading

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Missed both of em

Due to work, I missed both the Ohio State-Miami game and the Browns season opener against Tampa Bay.  Though to be fair, I did see the 4th quarter of the OSU, so I didn’t miss the whole thing. My main … Continue reading

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If this happens, I’ll lose what little faith I have left

Really guys? The Browns might cut their third round pick? former University of Texas standout Colt McCoy might need to prove himself in the Browns’ final two preseason games to make their roster. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, McCoy, a … Continue reading

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Moving On

As Dan Gilbert recovers from Tom Izzo’s rejection, the Cavs are pursuing Byron Scott: According to sources, the Cavs are planning a second interview with Byron Scott after he finishes up his duties as an analyst for ESPN during the … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts Draft Recap

I had planned on writing a post that discussed how little I know about the NFL Draft but I’d link to guys for ESPN, Yahoo and SI who gave the Browns’ draft a B (or A or C). Unfortunately, I’m … Continue reading

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