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Cavs win a preseason game, I actually write a post on my blog

Everyone can breath. For one night, in a preseason game, Dion Waiters looked like a player worthy to be drafted fourth overall. Waiters led the Cavs with 18 points (7-12 FG, 4-4 3PT) and Tyler Zeller added ten points and … Continue reading

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Toronto 104, Cleveland 96

Same shit, different year. Before I get all ranty, I’ll point out that this is just one game and it’s way too early to draw any real conclusions about this team or any particular player. And yes, the Cavs losing … Continue reading

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Etan Thomas and the 99%

With it looking more and more likely that the NBA players will reject the owners’ latest offer, Etan Thomas took to the pages of ESPN to explain the players’ side. I found the piece very interesting, especially how Thomas chose characterize the … Continue reading

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Cavs hire new announcer, I’m still alive and other news you don’t care about

First things first, I know there are at least three of you who still check this site to see what I have to say. I thank you for that and I’m sorry I haven’t updated recently. Normally, I take my … Continue reading

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Sipping that post-draft Kool-Aid

As each day goes by, the more I talk myself into the Cavs’ draft.  I mean, did you know ESPN did a Sports Science on Tristan Thompson!? Athletic! Not that the segment itself matters (OMG, he planted with 1,300 lbs … Continue reading

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[Some kind of ‘draft’ pun]

I really have no idea what the Cavs are going to do Thursday night (and neither do Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams). I also have no idea what I even want the Cavs to do. Well, unless Terry Pluto’s dream … Continue reading

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Well, he did get J.J. to rebound

Matt Moore at CBS Sports asks, How Is Byron Scott Not on the Hot Seat? Consider this: Mike Brown was fired despite a win percentage of .663 with the Cavaliers. Byron Scott currently has a .469 winning percentage and a … Continue reading

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Hate the Heat Parties

I agree with Brendan Bowers over at Stepien Rules: I know Dan Gilbert was the first to float this idea out there and if he acted on that plan it would have been the worst move he ever made as owner of … Continue reading

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Well, that was much better

All I wanted from this game was to see the Cavs play with effort.  Sure, I would’ve loved a win, but after the debacle that was December 2nd, I simply wanted to watch the game and not be embarrassed. I … Continue reading

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This is mighty dumb (h/t to @RealMYoung23): 1. How should the Cavs, their players and tehir fans treat LeBron tonight? Ethan Sherwood Strauss, HoopSpeak: The fans should cheer him. Seriously, every Cleveland boo reveals the shallow nature of their love … Continue reading

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