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A Long Post About Politics That No One Will Read

I have an opinion about the election! This post has been brewing in me for awhile now. I frequently post about politics on both Twitter and Facebook, much to the chagrin of the majority of my followers and Facebook friends. … Continue reading

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Hate the Heat Parties

I agree with Brendan Bowers over at Stepien Rules: I know Dan Gilbert was the first to float this idea out there and if he acted on that plan it would have been the worst move he ever made as owner of … Continue reading

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So This Happened

Just checking my email, minding my own business and I come across this: Well that’s weird. Former Browns quarterback Derek Anderson was following me, Ben Cox the muttonchopped, disc golf playing, “witty, caustic” sports blogger on Twitter.  Neat. So I … Continue reading

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This is mighty dumb (h/t to @RealMYoung23): 1. How should the Cavs, their players and tehir fans treat LeBron tonight? Ethan Sherwood Strauss, HoopSpeak: The fans should cheer him. Seriously, every Cleveland boo reveals the shallow nature of their love … Continue reading

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Slap on the wrist

Jim Tressel is gonna miss some games: Ohio State suspended football coach Jim Tressel for two games and fined him $250,000 on Tuesday for violating NCAA rules by failing to notify the school about information he received involving two players … Continue reading

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For all your Turtlecall needs

None of you may recall that, last April, I recorded a podcast with Brian Spaeth where he told me about his new business venture, Turtlecalls (we also talked LeBron and Lost). If you actually listened to said podcast, I was on … Continue reading

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This is stupid: Lucasfilm Ltd. announced today that the live-action “Star Wars” saga will be converted to 3D. “There are few movies that lend themselves more perfectly to 3D; from the Death Star trench run to the Tatooine Podrace, the … Continue reading

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