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Breaking: Water is Wet

So some jackass wore a Miami Heat #6 LeBron James jersey to Progressive Field last night: A fan wearing a Miami Heat jersey of LeBron James drew the ire of the crowd at a Cleveland Indians game and was escorted … Continue reading

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Talk about selling high

The Tribe shipped Johnny Peralta to Detroit Tigers for a minor-league pitcher: Those Indians fans who love to criticize Jhonny Peralta — the number seemingly grew exponentially each year — finally can relax. Peralta was traded to the Detroit Tigers … Continue reading

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Which is more weird?

We’ve entered a bizarre world where I’m pissed off that the Indians weren’t perfect gamed(?) and that I agree with another Adrian Wojnarowski column about LeBron James. I don’t care for it. The Indians are awful. They should’ve been the … Continue reading

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Kinda Neat

Jim Thome has been reunited with Manny: The Los Angeles Dodgers have seen the Rockies and Giants getting bigger in their rearview mirror, so they added some power to try to pull away. The Dodgers acquired slugger Jim Thome from … Continue reading

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I know it’s post-trade PR, but I don’t disagree

Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan: “After we traded Cliff, we had made a commitment toward a new direction for the franchise,” he said. “At that point, you don’t go halfway. We needed to make moves that put us in the … Continue reading

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This is somehow fitting

Gotta love the promotions to bring the fans out to the ballpark: Detroit Tigers Weekend Series (July 31-Aug. 1 & 2): FRIDAY- Fireworks Themed to Tom Hamilton Game Calls to celebrate his 20th Anniversary SATURDAY- 2009 Indians Hall of Fame … Continue reading

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I can get behind this

Rick at Waiting for Next Year: Mark Shapiro, as you field calls for Martinez let me give you a mantra to utter- “you have to take Hafner too.” That’s right. Make then take Travis Hafner’s damaged shoulder and albatross contract. … Continue reading

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